Quiet your mind with the peaceful melodies of a new age instrument.

Handpan composer, recording artist and podcaster, Sylvain Paslier, invites you to rediscover the simple joy of creating.

About the handpan


The handpan is the musical instrument of the 21st century. First introduced in the year 2000 in Switzerland, the Hang® (commonly known as "hang drum") was the first of its kind. Handpans, which are often referred to as "sound sculptures", are handcrafted to produce soothing, melodic, almost magical tones. 



About Sylvain

Sylvain Paslier is a French-American handpan composer, recording artist and podcaster. Since making his musical debut with his cousin and friend David Charrier, Sylvain has performed over 100 shows, recorded 5 albums and introduced millions of online viewers to the handpan. Sylvain is also on staff at Pantheon Steel and a member of Handpan Community United.


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Listener Reviews

It was the gorgeous artwork of the album cover that first caught my attention. The music inside has a delicate balance of ingenuity and graceful movement that creates a peaceful, yet fun experience. Jody

I love Sylvain's music, it's very calming and soothing for children. I am a director at Family of Christ Early Education Center. We use Sylvain's music in our classroom and for rest time. It's amazing, whenever his music is played, it calms the classroom down. One of my friends was saying she had trouble putting her 2 year old down at night. I told her to try Sylvain's CD Carrousel. The next night when she put the music from Carrousel on, he fell right to sleep. Sue

Exquisite work by Sylvain Paslier. This album brings you to a place that is serene, calm and in symbiosis with the elements. I recommend to anyone that wants to create a cozy and peaceful ambiance. Lionel

Beautiful melodies, very relaxing. I particularly liked the duets Carousel and Galaxies, two pans have a tendency to sound richer. Stranded in Istanbul has a nice middle-eastern sound. I also liked that you put the bedtime jam at the end, most people will be so relaxed by then they may actually get some rest. John

A masterpiece of handpan music! Sylvain's take on handpan playing is very unique with delicate and soothing melodies. A very refreshing, bright and optimistic album! Nicolas


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