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Looking for handpan lessons? Check out MasterTheHandpan.

Whether you are just starting or wanting to push your skills to the next level, I recommend my cousin's handpan learning program.

MasterTheHandpan is a handpan online course where you can learn at your own pace.


With David's learning program, you will find hours of unlimited time access tutorials (from beginners to advanced) that are covering various topics like coordination, dexterity, rhythms, pattern construction, composition, playing technics, finger tricks and more…

David is known for his playing style around the world. With MasterTheHandpan, you get to learn from him directly and grow with your instrument. You will be amazed how much more you get out of your handpan by learning a few simple methods from David. I have played with David for years and I have learned a lot from him, now you can too!




With more than 7 years of experience teaching handpan players from all over the world, David has created a unique method which is both fun and effective. He uses a music notation system that makes learning really fast—and for which you don't need to know music theory.


There are already more than a 1,000 players enjoying David's course and making progress... Learn from the best as you check out David's handpan lessons!

Try it for free!

Fill this form to receive some handpan tutorials + 4 free tracks of David Charrier's new album!

Zero spam. Promised.

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