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The Proper Way

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

There's a handpan meme that compares the path to becoming a master "classical" musician with that of a master "handpan" musician. It's a stark juxtaposition.

In short, the "classical" musician has merit and no recognition while the "handpan" musician has no merit and all the recognition.

It's a meme so it's exaggerated but there's some truth to it which is why it's funny (good one Lauri by the way ūüėā!).

Beyond the joke, I believe this meme actually highlights significant aspects of our culture that are worth commenting on, such as "imposter syndrome" or the comparison trap and ultimately: status.

As the new musical instrument that it is, the handpan has empowered many people (and probably frustrated a few at the same time) because it bypassed status altogether.

It allowed people to ditch the rule book, to delight in their craft and to make art. But that's where "imposter syndrome" creeps in. Are we fake artists?

We often get caught up in what it's supposed to be like (the proper way to become a musician) instead of realizing what it takes to get there (simply start).

Let go of the status, seek the simple joy of creating and you will find your way.

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