Meet Sylvain Paslier, French-American handpan enthusiast. 

This incredible instrument deepened my artistic sensitivities and sparked a new passion for composing music.

About Sylvain


Hi! My name is Sylvain Paslier. I was born in Lyon, France in 1990 and moved to the United States in 2011 to marry my wife Jill who is from Minnesota. We now live in Phoenix, Arizona which is located in the beautiful Sonoran desert that covers parts of Northern Mexico and the American Southwest. Here's a short video that shows the beauty of this region.


I discovered handpans thanks to my cousin David Charrier in 2005. But back then, there was only one instrument of this kind, called the Hang, made by PANArt. I was immediately drawn to the instrument but the Hang was so rare that it took me 2 years to find one.


So, it's in 2007 that my journey with handpans started. This incredible instrument deepened my artistic sensitivities and sparked a new passion for composing music. The Hang became the soundtrack of my life. And in those early years, I was incredibly blessed travel the world and to meet other handpan enthusiasts. 


Since then, the handpan world has grown, and its community with it. I don't think I've ever seen another group of people so creative with their craft. So many handpan enthusiasts have come to record an album, perform live or travel to an international handpan gathering. You don't see that level of connection with other musical instruments. The handpan community is thriving. It transcends borders, cultures and languages. I find that tremendously inspiring.


How to explain such a passion around the handpan? I think it's because the handpan is accessible to anyone. Unlike most other musical instruments, you can play the handpan without any prior knowledge of music theory or the need to take classes. The handpan is a simple invitation to start creating your own music. I have dedicated a podcast to this topic: The Handpan Podcast.

My hope is that this website will be a source of inspiration that will accompany you as you embark on your personal journey with the handpan.



In a recent interview I did for a German handpan information website, I was asked to share my three favorite handpan videos. So I thought I would include them here as well. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have over the years.

Centaurea by Steve Shehan of Hadouk Trio

Biddle de duddle de doo by Andi Steil

Reminiscence by the late and dearly missed Dante Bucci

Play Simply. Simply Play.