Meet Sylvain Paslier, French-American handpan enthusiast. 

This incredible instrument deepened my artistic sensitivities and sparked a new passion for composing music.

My Handpan Story


Bonjour! My name is Sylvain Paslier. I was born in Lyon, France in 1990 and I moved to the United States in 2011. My wife and I currently live in Pennsylvania.


It was through my cousin and friend David Charrier that I discovered handpans back in 2005. But at that time, only one instrument of this kind existed. It was called the Hang® and it was made by PANArt. I was immediately drawn to the Hang but this instrument was so rare it took me two years to even find one. In 2007, my journey finally began.


Musical jam sessions naturally turned into bands — like Confiture de Hang, Keona, Wadhom — and a multitude of other small projects. I inevitably found myself at HangOut UK which was the world's first ever gathering around this instrument. Life-long friendships were made and I started to experience the kind of "resonance" that happens between people. 

In 2015, I released Carousel which was my first solo album. These songs have been the soundtrack of my life for over a decade. In 2018, I started The Handpan Podcast where I sit down with friends who are handpan makers or players to talk about all things handpan. In addition to my own website, you will find other contributions of mine through my work with Pantheon Steel.


The handpan art form is incredibly democratic. There are no standards to meet, no rules to follow. You get to participate. And the ability to participate brings diversity of population, ideas and outcomes. Diversity leads to connection and forward-motion. So join in and let the magic happen! 

Play Simply. Simply Play.