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Euphonic Musical Instrument

Euphonic: New Friction-Activated Instrument (like singing wine glasses)

Create friction by rubbing wet fingers on the stainless steel rods to make it sound. Play intuitive music through gentle movements.

Meet the Euphonic.


Have you ever rubbed your finger on the rim of a wine glass to hear it produce a tone? The Euphonic uses the same stick-slip friction and allows you to play notes tuned to a musical scale. Effortless to play and beautiful to display in your home or office, the Euphonic is also modular and can be expanded to a full chromatic set.

Euphonic Array 1D ($1,199) - BUY NOW

  • Price: $1,199 USD + shipping (432 Hz tuning available for additional $100)

  • Artisan: Acolyte Instruments in California, USA

  • Scale: D Kurd (D/ A Bb C D E F G A)

  • Description: The Kurd sound model seems infinitely versatile while remaining incredibly forgiving. It's perfect for intuitive and extended free play. It's like having 9 crystal singing bowls in one place. 


How to purchase this Euphonic? Please send me an email at and include your postal address so I can calculate your shipping costs and generate your invoice.

Customs/Import Duties: Buyer’s Responsibility

Why should you trust me? Read recent reviews.

recommended by more than 186 customers

Thank you, Sylvain for guiding our hands to the instrument that in the end chose us. By watching your videos, listening to your tracks and reading about these instruments on your website we felt confident with our purchase. Fast and safe shipping too! We will definitely continue to read and learn from your website. Thank you. Ananda & Steve

I recently purchased an Isthmus C Golden Gate through Sylvain's website. The fact that he recommended the pan and had a great video demonstrating it helped to eliminate any anxiety that I might have had by not trying it personally. Great communication before, during and after the purchase. Thanks, Sylvain for helping me find the right pan. Johnnie

Sylvain Paslier Music was there every step of the way even after my handpan arrived to make sure everything was just right and that I was happy and felt secure in my purchase. I am a beginner so it is important to me to have guidance and help. Thanks so much! Donna

My purchase with Sylvain Paslier went extremely well. Price was right, quality instrument, very safe packaging and Sylvain answered my every question by email in very short delays! I recommend to anyone looking forward to buying a Handpan for a reasonable price. Philippe

Sylvain is the man. Fantastic customer service and immediate responsiveness.. the handpan is absolutely beautiful. Zach

Easy, friendly experience ordering. Expertly and thoroughly packed for shipping. Arrived in great condition. Helpful in answering question. I highly recommend. Keith

Thank you Sylvain for your great customer service and quick shipping! Gaby

What an incredible experience!! Not only do I now have this wonderful delightful Handpan with a soulful melodic sound, but I had the amazing experience of working with Sylvain. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking to obtain a Handpan. Putting aside the high quality instrument I received, from the very get go, Sylvain was a pleasure to work with. He was kind, and patient, and willing to answer ANY questions I had (and believe me, I had many). He was right there with me - and for me - during the entire process, checking in regularly to update me on the status every step of the way and continually offering support and asking if I'd come up with any other questions. A true Handpan facilitator par excellence!!! And I do believe, a new friend as well!!! Thank you SOOOO much Sylvain, for everything!!! Debbie

Bought a hand pan from Sylvain. the deal was really smooth and the hand pan shows me ways to wonderland. even though I live in Sweden the hand pan arrived quickly. I recommend Sylvain 100% Dag

I bought a hand pan for my husband’s 30th birthday and Sylvain made the process super easy! He checked in regularly via email and text and was able to expedite shipping so that it arrived in plenty of time. My husband was super thrilled with his gift! It arrived in perfect condition thanks to secure packaging and a well-designed backpack style case which my husband affectionately refers to as his turtle shell. We love to sit outside and listen to him play. I’m very pleased with my purchase and would absolutely recommend Sylvain to anyone looking for a handpan! He even followed up offering support by phone in case we have any questions or need support which is invaluable considering this is such a rare instrument! Amy

Sylvain directed me in the best direction when purchasing my first handpan. He helped me pick out the best sound and really made me feel amazing about my decision. I am 100% so happy with what I got. And can't wait to buy another!! Brian

Sylvain was incredibly easy to contact and has great response time! I love that I could ask a question and get a speedy and knowledgeable answer. Love the advice and professionalism! Ordering my handpan was also painless and he kept me very updated through the entire process! Connor

I normally don’t buy things online because I’m always worried I’m getting scammed or duped, but this could not be further from the true with Sylvain Paslier! He was always just an email away from the start of my handpan buying journey to the end and beyond, he always respond promptly and with reassurance. He had an answer for all my questions. I got my handpan within a week of making the purchase, and it was packaged perfectly for shipping. I look forward to learning and playing this new handpan and he reassured me that if I had anymore questions he would be around to Answer and help me on my handpan journey. Thanks again Sylvain. Pat

I just purchased an E major handpan from Sylvain. Everything was professional and secure. It arrived timely and Sylvain followed up with an e-mail to be sure it arrived without issue. The handpan is a work of art and sounds so beautiful even though I really don’t know how to play it yet. If you’re thinking of purchasing a handpan, I highly recommend Sylvain. Annie

Can’t say enough positive things about Sylvain and his helpfulness with my first handpan purchase. He was extremely responsive, happy to answer any questions, and was a pleasure to do business with. Handpan came quickly, was packaged very well, and looks and sounds beautiful. Very pleased and thankful. Chris

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Additional Information


How to Submit Payment? 

Once you are ready, Sylvain will send your invoice. You will be able to pay securely online via debit/credit card or a PayPal account. You do not need a PayPal account to order.

What Is the Return and Refund Policy? 

All sales are final. No returns or refunds are available unless if your Euphonic gets damaged during shipping. Sylvain's demo videos are recorded using the Rode NT4, a high-quality condenser microphone, so you hear the "true sound" of the Euphonic. No effects are added so you can fully know what to expect. Take your time and to ask all your questions so you have peace of mind before moving forward with your purchase.

How to Take Care of Your Euphonic?

Wash your hands before playing your Euphonic. We recommend using distilled water for best results but feel free to try all sorts of waters. Although not necessary, we advise wiping the stainless steel rods clean after playing to remove any excess water. Clean your Euphonic using ammonia-free glass cleaner (no rubbing alcohol or acetone). 

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at

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