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I like to think about design a lot. And by design, I mean design in the broad sense of the word. The intentionality behind things. It affects all of us whether we’re aware of it or not. It's behind the streets we drive on, the clothes we wear, the restaurants we eat at and the brands we love. It's put together in a specific way for a specific purpose. And although we’re not always paying attention, a lot of work goes into design which is easy to forget, especially in a consumer-driven culture where we go through items and experiences at such a fast pace. We are admittedly often disconnected with what it really takes to build our traffic system, make the clothes we wear, cook the meals we enjoy or create a brand.

One of the goals of this website is to design a more coherent and guided experience for people discovering my music, videos and content overall. The challenge is that creativity, at its core, is kind of chaotic—and I believe that's a good thing! But it seems like the artists and the brands we love the most have adopted a certain level of consistency and integrity in their creative work. They give us, their audience, a common denominator to get to know who they are, to become familiar with them and to enjoy their art.

In today's digital world, a logo is a step in that direction. It allows people to identify with your brand and to relate to it despite the all-over-the-place-ness of your art. So, it's against this backdrop that I am pleased to unveil the brand new logo for this website! It's visually kind of cryptic and minimalistic. It combines the circular shape of the handpan and the letter "S". Do you see it? As people will now find it across my website and social media pages, I hope they will find in it that common denominator allowing them to better relate and experience the stuff I make.

I had Jef Caine design this logo. He's an extremely talented guy from Minnesota and the graphic designer at my church, Central Christian Church. I could not have asked for a better designer for this logo. Check out his stuff and I guarantee you will be inspired! You can find his logos, illustrations, sketches and more at

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