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A Creative Explosion with Andi Steil

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

As a child, Andi wanted to play drums but his dad only gave him drumsticks. What seemed like a deficit ended up being a creative explosion in his life.

Podcast transcription

Sylvain: Hey, it's Sylvain and this is the handpan podcast. Joining me in this episode is my friend Andi Steil, who is a German musician and a comedian in the northern part of Germany. In the episode we talk about how to start creating in a simple way and how often times that simplicity empowers us to experience creative freedom. You'll want to listen to how Andi learned how to play the drums. It's pretty funny, but really I think this podcast episode will encourage you to enjoy the creative journey. So let's jump right in to a conversation with Andi Steil.