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Elevate Your Surroundings

I've been thinking about 'inspiration' a lot lately... and what a powerful force it can be. Perhaps it's mood-lighting, your go-to playlist or special objects around the house. Whatever lights you up and gives you that extra boost of joy and optimism in life.

Now I don't think we're meant to live 100% inspired all the time (we'd stop going to work, eating and sleeping altogether). But I find it a tremendous 'hack' to tap into those things when you need it — like in the year 2020 for instance (hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge).

The concept of the Hang, invented 20 years ago, was remarkable on so many levels... It sounds magical of course but it's also an inspiring object to look at. This picture was taken by my friend Dan Price minutes after he rolled into town with 5 rare first generation Hanghang. And thereby hangs a tale for another time...

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