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The Best Budget Handpan?

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Since it was invented in 2000, the handpan has quickly become an expensive musical instrument. On top of how rare the instrument is, high price points further contribute to the handpan's inaccessibility.

But that was not always the case. At the beginning, an original Hang sold for $300-400 and the price of PANArt's Hang sound sculpture never exceeded 1,200 € — whereas handpans cost an average of $2,000 today. Of course, several factors help explain these varying prices but one question remains:

Are there cheaper handpans? And are budget handpans worth it?

The answer is YES. In my opinion, the Acolyte handpan made by Nirvana Handpan is currently among the best value for the price and it is available right here on this website.

The artisan, Terence Jay, is on fire! He is a mission to make handpans available to all. So, what's different with the Acolyte handpan? Like the original Hang (2nd and later generations), the Acolyte model has 8 notes (instead of 9 or more). Made right here in the US, the Acolyte handpan's powder coating protects the instrument from rust and scratches which means you do not need to apply lubricating oil.

This is the best handpan for beginners and a great budget option for those who want to buy a quality handpan without breaking the bank.

I'm proud to partner with reputable handpan makers like Nirvana Handpan to offer handpans for sale on this website. The Acolyte handpan is available for purchase at only $1,199. Click here to view the scales available right now.

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