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The Pantheon Connection — Mini-Series with Colin Foulke

Two pictures taken by Spyros, each with a special story, hang on the walls of Colin's shop.

Classically trained on the cello, Colin slowly grew weary of jumping through the hoops of institutionalized western music... but then he discovered the handpan and embarked on a journey that would dramatically change his everyday life.

In part 2, Colin walks us through his discovery and development of hydroforming, a revolutionary process to shape handpan shells. He also re-visits the roots or the art form and reconnects with his first instrument, the cello.

Mini-Series Transcript:

Colin: Uh, this photo was taken by Spyros, SpyrosPan. It was when I was visiting Farmington, um, and Pantheon steel. And I think I was in the workshop working with Kyle and I didn't know it, but he took the two instruments I brought, snuck them out here and took this photo and uh, sent it to me, you know, after the fact. And I was, I thought it was so nice. He's a wonderful photographer. I thought he framed that really nicely. And then this photo was also taken by Spyros, which was years and years earlier. We had gone, we had left hangout UK and we'd gone to visit Stonehenge and there was, I think six or eight of us and we took turns playing at the four corners of Stonehenge. And so this was the first place that we sat down and played and Spyros took that photo. Um, yeah. And this is, I think I'm playing my Aegean and we also had a Golden Gate, which fast forward a few years, those two, same, those two scales, including that instrument were played at my wedding by Kyle. And then Aaron Ximm of Pantheon steel. So that's kind of a strong memory for me in that the music we experienced. There was also what was experienced at my wedding and the wedding ceremony.

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