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What's Your Spark?

First experiences often inform our worldview, don't they? They establish our new baseline. And nostalgia is longing for to those prior experiences. It's not about right or wrong. This kind of bias is normal and in fact it's universal.

Long before I ever performed on stage or attended a gathering, I experienced the handpan in solitude. This new passion grew from a place of rêverie and imagination and creativity. It's no surprise then that I find myself drawn back to "the simple joy of creating" on The Handpan Podcast.

I enjoy the journey (albums, shows, travels, community) but I am aware none of these things were that initial spark. I find freedom in accepting my origin story and a renewed passion reconnecting with it.

The hat I'm wearing in this photo symbolizes that. SPRK Hat Co. is a hat brand for those who are brave enough to pursue what makes them light up and come alive. What's your origin story? What's your spark? Re-ignite your light!

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